Sombra Luminosa

Sombra Luminosa · Luminous Shadow

Francisco Queimadela, Mariana Caló

2018, PRT, 22', M12

Cinema Falado 2018

01 Dec 2018 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

Challenging the limits of the physical magic of cinema, with a vital energy captured in exhibition objects, catalogs and conversations staged with humor and gravity, there is an indicial form in this film, linked to the witchcraft of cinema procedures. Almost surreal magic that interweaves the luminous shadows in a game of cards, maps, constellations of voices in an anthropological mix. The masks, the monsters and the tangled fragments of the mythical and circular history emerge punctuated by the disembodied voice of the philosopher José Gil. A singular object, this short film of the Portuguese duo recombines the mythological origins of humanity in an ethnological procedure that rests like a laboratory glove to artistic creation. Cinema, visual essay, document or thought by images, the dice is rolling. (Luís Lima)

Salomé Lamas
2018, Portugal/Germany, 85’