Hermia & Helena

Hermia & Helena · Hermia & Helena

Matias Piñeiro

2016, ARG, USA, 87', M12

Focus Matías Piñeiro 2018

28 Nov 2018 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H00

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Hermia and Helena opens with a dedication to the actress Setsuko Hara, in a parallelism between its relation with Ozu and the one of Piñeiro with Agustina Muñoz. If the work of the filmmaker has matured with the actresses with whom he always films, in this last feature the shot is Muñoz. Her character, Camila, arrives in New York to hold a residence where Carmen, her friend, had already been. The plot complexes with what seems to be a duplicity of personalities when Camila arrives to the life of Carmen and everyone who filled it (like the French Danielle, here played by Mati Diop). Between ellipses and flashbacks, passages from a present in New York and a never ending past in Buenos Aires form the story of these women who get lost and find themselves in youth. In the outlines of modern life, between parks and city streets, there is still Shakespeare's words written on the screen. (Rita Morais)