Focus Chris Petit 2018

The work of Chris Petit - as a novelist or as a director - has marked a certain English underground scene, although part of his work has been done for television. Beginning his career with the mythical Radio On, Petit grounded a career among the first films - more marked by a punk disenchantment - and a second phase, where, from portraits of figures such as Rudy Wurlitzer, JG Ballard or Manny Farber, tried to reflect on the power of the images. A work to be discovered in this edition of Porto/Post/Doc. Read also: The Idea of Failure: an Interview with Chris Petit, by Daniel Ribas.

Programme made possible by Stanley Schtinter, with special thanks to Illuminations Films.

Petit's survey at Porto/Post/Doc launches the first vinyl LP by purge.xxx (also known as PURGE PORTO), a post-family run anti-record label founded by Schtinter. Released in an edition of 250 numbered copies, In What's Missing, Is Where Love Has Gone, by Chris Petit & Mordant Music, is available exclusively at the festival. For more information: www.purge.xxx