Happy Hour by Vinhos Verdes / Peter Mør

Happy Hour by Vinhos Verdes / Peter Mør · Happy Hour by Vinhos Verdes / Peter Mør

2017, PRT, 60'

Happy Hours 2017

02 Dec 2017 · TM Rivoli, Café-Concerto · 18H00

Vinho Verde offers a welcome drink during this special hour where the guests of the festival can meet for a moment of conversation. On this day, the invited DJ, in a partnership with Alinea A, is Peter Mør. Throughout the Happy Hour, the event will be broadcast live online and will include interviews with festival guests.

Peter Mør is the alter ego of Pedro Morais, a founding member/programmer of Alínea A. During the period of academic training in Porto, he began to have contact with a more urban, underground and alternative circuit on the night of Porto, developing a great passion for music, cabins and the surrounding culture. His musical restlessness leads him in a constant search for sonorities, references, tendencies ... In the project Alínea A, integrates the objective of cultivating and sharing the taste for music (in an optics of free sharing of art and information); produce musical works, promote direct interaction between djs, musicians, collectors, producers, promoters, programmers, editors and activists...