Tomaga · Tomaga

2017, , 90'

Transmission 2017 / Transmission Concerts 2017

01 Dec 2017 · Rivoli Understage · 23H00

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On Friday, December 1, in Rivoli's Understage, is presented Tomaga. Polyrhythmic psychedelia as one of the possible flag definitions for this adventure. Valentina Magaletti and Tom Rellen, also a member of the Oscillation, make Tomaga a therapeutic session. Jam free, noisy q.b., where the percussion and the synthesizers trample in strangely agreeable harmony. Stereolab and Aphex Twin experienced in LSD would result in these textures and sonorities. Drone, industrial, tantric music, in which voices are rarely perceptible and the instruments explored to the fullest. This is part of all grace.