Yoshtoyoshto · Yoshtoyoshto

Franz Treichler, Peter Mettler, Jeremy Narby

0, CHE, 60', M12

Peter Mettler Expanded 2017 / Transmission 2017 / Transmission Concerts 2017

02 Dec 2017 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

A live divination with Moving Image, Music and Story. A filmmaker, a musician and an anthropologist fuse their arts in a live alchemical improvisation, feeding off one another in real time, drawing from our shared human existence, saturated with knowledge, sound and image. This 3-way fusion mixes hypnotic technologies with oral tradition. It transforms and re-contextualizes self-made and collected materials, engaging in a kind of divination of the mediated world. The Yaminahua people from Amazonia communicate with yoshis, invisible multifaceted beings that animate humans thanks to an indirect and metaphorical language : “tsai yoshtoyoshto” (“language twisting twisting”). Musician Franz Treichler (of The Young Gods), filmmaker Peter Mettler and anthropologist Jeremy Narby have drawn their inspiration from this language, creating an improvisation that describes our world, its ambiguities and its interactions.