Painel #3: Pós-Memória // Colonialismo

Painel #3: Pós-Memória // Colonialismo · Painel #3: Post-Memory // Colonialism

2017, PRT, 120'

Archive and Post-Memory 2017 / Forum of the Real 2017

30 Nov 2017 · FBAUP · 16H00

The colonial relationship between the western countries and the African countries has been questioned in the last decades, claiming a revision of the official history. In cinema, and from the European look, this relation has been exposed by the revelation of the archives as places of construction of discourses.

Paulo Faria (Writer)
Raquel Ribeiro (Writer and researcher)
Filipa César (Director)
Raquel Schefer (Director)
Chair: António Sousa Ribeiro (CES – Universidade de Coimbra)