Painel #1: Arquivo e Pós-Memória

Painel #1: Arquivo e Pós-Memória · Painel #1: Archive and Post-Memory

2017, PRT, 120'

Archive and Post-Memory 2017 / Forum of the Real 2017

30 Nov 2017 · FBAUP · 10H00

The archive of moving images is a institutionalized place, where are saved the visual memories of the past. In this panel will be discussed how that archive can be used to re-question the History and how it's being explored by researchers and younger artists.

Tiago Baptista (Director of ANIM – Arquivo Nacional das Imagens em Movimento, Cinemateca Portuguesa – Museu do Cinema)
Inês Sapeta Dias (Programmer of Videoteca de Lisboa)
Maria do Carmo Piçarra (Researcher and university lecturer)
Vicente Sánchez Biosca (Researcher and university lecturer)
Moderação: Paulo Cunha (University lecturer)