Gambling, Gods and LSD

Jogar, Deuses e LSD · Gambling, Gods and LSD

Peter Mettler

2002, CHE, CAN, 180', M12

Peter Mettler Expanded 2017

03 Dec 2017 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H00

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Gambling, Gods and LSD is a kind of library or entropic encyclopedia of the world. A poetic hybrid located between the documentary, the essay, the travel diary and the interview. In this sense, the film well illustrates the totality of Peter Mettler's singular work, his collector's gaze, his flâneur attitude, the distraction of small things: the detail of an old advertising poster, the wet floor after the rain, the experience of the body in trance. Gambling, Gods and LSD is born of both the ambitions of the director and his meticulous and exhausting work at the montage. From the improbable associations of sounds and images, of the rhymes between testimonies of unknown people springs the hope of a fundamental unity - fundamentally human - that expresses itself in the pursuit of transcendence. (Catarina Maia)