Picture of Light

A Imagem da Luz · Picture of Light

Peter Mettler

1994, CAN, 83', M12

Peter Mettler Expanded 2017

02 Dec 2017 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 14H30

Buy your ticket for 02/12 (14:30) at Bilheteira Online. At the end of the screening, Peter Mettler will lecture a film class. 

In this incredible journey through the northern extremes of the globe, Peter Mettler is a patient observer of the time and nuances it imposes on these peoples who have decided to live on the edge of human survival. In particular, Mettler introduces himself to Churchill, on the shores of Hudson Bay, Canada, only accessible by train or plane. In this extreme, the filmmaker's camera tries to deal with the northern lights, a natural phenomenon (also known as aurora borealis) of extraordinary beauty and awe. But Picture of Light also looks at the singular daily life of the inhabitants of this village, the gestures they make to explain their nocturnal lights, making the film a meditation on our place in the world and the contrast between what we know through images or what we experience. (Daniel Ribas)