Era Uma Vez Brasília

Era Uma Vez Brasília · Once There Was Brazilia

Adirley Queirós

2017, BRA, PRT, 98', M12

Cinema Falado 2017 / International Competition 2017

27 Nov 2017 · TM Rivoli, Grande Auditório · 15H00

29 Nov 2017 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 18H30

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Disguised as dystopian science fiction, which crosses references of George Miller and JC Ballard, Once There Was Brazilia proposes a reflection on the current Brazilian political and social situation, concretely from the process of dismissal of President Dilma Rousseff, rehearsing an alternative future for Brazil. As the political capital of the country, and especially as one of the most symbolic utopias of the Brazilian twentieth century, the city of Brazilia shares the protagonism with a couple of renegades who survive by wandering marginally waiting for personal and collective redemption. To the fourth film, after the multi-award-winning White Out, Black In (2014), Adirley Queirós returns to explore the vicissitudes of Brazilian society. (Paulo Cunha)