Não Consegues Criar O Mundo Duas Vezes

Não Consegues Criar O Mundo Duas Vezes · You Can't Create The World Twice

Catarina David, Francisco Noronha

2017, PRT, 155', M12

Cinema Falado 2017 / Há Filmes na Baixa! / Transmission 2017

30 Nov 2017 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

01 Dec 2017 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

25 May 2018 · Passos Manuel · 21H00

In this film dedicated to the history of hip-hop in the north of Portugal, particularly in the Porto-Gaia axis, words command the action, remembering the course followed. From a collection of interviews with figures involved in the first steps of this genre, such as the Mind da Gap or Dealema, there is a path of discovery and wonder. Testimonies that recall the earliest exploits, created friendships and invented rhymes, are aided by archival images that evoke the influence that the genre has been conquering. In revisiting some of the mythical spaces that survive in memory, one remembers with pride an unrepeatable moment. (João Araújo)