Podar · Pruning

Ander Parody

2015, ESP, 6', M12

Carte Blanche Filmadrid 2017 / Cinefiesta 2017

02 Dec 2017 · FBAUP · 16H00

Ziripot is a storyteller of the Basque popular tradition who has no one to listen to him. Exiled in Castile, he wanders from side to side, unable to integrate and express himself. This is not a time or a country for myths, but it is no longer enough to change the tale: it is necessary to change the form. Entzungor is what cinema we need today, in a joyous war against alienation and against the evil of banality. As a great complement, Inausketa, the sublime poetry of Galician Díaz Castro transformed into an image that seems torn from the earth. (Martin Pawley)

This film is screened with Entzungor.