El Nome de los Árboles

O Nome das Árvores · The Name of the Trees

Ramón Lluís Bande

2015, ESP, 102', M12

Archive and Post-Memory 2017 / Carte Blanche SACO 2017 / Cinefiesta 2017

29 Nov 2017 · FBAUP · 18H00

When there is no evidence for the scientific work of historians, or those that exist are hidden, what remains is the account of the horror as preserved by those who lived it and by its descendants. This is what the Asturian Ramon Lluís Bande makes. He is documenting for years the repression of Republican militants who continued, after the Civil War, the armed struggle against Franco. The result is an inspiring claim of word and history told, the history of a country beyond the official versions. (Martin Pawley)