Fonko · Fonko

Göran Hugo Olsson, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén

2016, SWE, 87', M12

Transmission 2016

04 Dec 2016 · Passos Manuel · 22H30

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Music is the weapon for communication, progress, music is the weapon of the future. More than toppling totalitarian regimes, Africa struggles against north-American and European colonialism, against Christianity and Islam. Africans want to live their own traditions. And the revolution comes through here. In mandinga (western Africa), Fonko means: “the thing”, in wolof (Senegal): “taking care of one another”. The rapper Neneh Cherry and musician Felah Kuti (archive sounds) take us on a hallucinating journey. Afrobeats, kuduro, coup3-decalé, azonto and ndombolo are some of the styles of music and dance based on traditional rhythms, that will take over the world. From Dakar (Senegal) to Accra (Ghana) and Lagos (Nigeria), through Luanda (Angola) and Johannesburg (South Africa), the most prominent African artists are here. Youssou N’Dour, Alpha Blondy, Nneka, Femi Kuti, among many others, testify to the change. (César Nóbrega)