Dead Slow Ahead

Dead Slow Ahead · Dead Slow Ahead

Mauro Herce

2015, ESP, 74', M12

Cinefiesta 2016

04 Dec 2016 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 21H30

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For more than two months, director Mauro Herce travelled aboard the freighter Fair Lady (during its Atlantic crossing) documenting her crew’s daily routines, full of silence and monotony. But instead of focusing on these men, Herce continually films the infinitely wide ocean that surrounds the crew and the freighter herself, which gradually starts resembling a ghost ship. Dead Slow Ahead slowly delves through the interior of that huge metal body and its surrounding space, creating images that could easily be perceived as from a space expedition. The quietude is only punctually broken: there’s a flood in the wheat’s shipment space, some moments when the crew gathers and talks, the telephone conversations with their families on New Year’s Eve. (Raquel Morais)