Transeunte · Passerby

Eryk Rocha

2011, BRA, 125', M12

Focus Eryk Rocha 2016

30 Nov 2016 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

By closely following the way the lonely protagonist sees the world around him through the strangers that pass by him, the film ends up mimicking the solitude that surrounds him. In this fiction with stylistic roots in documentary, the camera is a witness that follows Expedito, a retired man without anyone, as he seeks to fill the time and redo routines. It is the repeated rituals that begin by occupying the film, with details’s close shots and fast cuts, to create a sensory immersion and fragmented memories, photographed in black and white. The absence of dialogues shifts attention to the sounds of everyday life, and the small gestures thus take on an important dimension to reveal how Expedito relates to his apparent invisibility. A picture full of humanism and sensitivity, putting the viewer close to a unique experience by becoming an accomplice of the film in the way it rescues an anonymous and forgotten face to the center of attention. (João Araújo)