Memoirs Project at Porto/Post/Doc

by Daniel Ribas / 21 10 2016

In Porto/Post/Doc 2016, to be held from November 26 to December 4, the festival will feature a special section called Memoirs, made in partnership with the Centre for Social Studies (CES) at the University of Coimbra. This research center is implementing the project Memoirs: Filhos de Império e pós-memórias europeias, with funding from the European Research Council. The project aims to review the "colonial past, [designing and conditioning] the present: in the form of conceiving the relationship with the other, the architecture of power relations, the persistence of forms of violence, the dynamics by which the political and cultural fields seek to build a turn reflection to build of a future that does not constitute a repetition of the past." The goal is to analyze cultural products of young European artists who reflect on the colonial past.

With the Memoirs, the festival will screen four films, from Albertina Carri, Bouchra Khalili, Malek Bensmail and Ana Delgado Martins, as well as presenting a website and the book Geometrias da Memória: configurações pós-coloniais, organized by Margarida Calafate Ribeiro and António Sousa Ribeiro. There will also be a debate between Jorge Andrade, Ana Delgado Martins, moderated by António Pinto Ribeiro.

Memoirs happens in the first weekend of the festival week and also projects future collaborations for the 2017 edition of the Porto/Post/Doc.

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