Focus 2016: Eryk Rocha

by Daniel Ribas / 22 09 2016

The programme of the 3rd Porto/Post/Doc is being prepared. In addition to the competition and other usual sections (Transmission or Teenage), the festival will devote two Focus: the Sensory Ethnography Lab (SEL) and the Brazilian director Eryk Rocha. These two Focus will allow spreading in Portugal two bodies of fundamental work of contemporary documentary cinema.

The Brazilian director Eryk Rocha will be highlighted in Porto/Post/Doc with a full retrospective of his work. Son of the legendary Brazilian director Glauber Rocha and the artist Paula Gaitán, Eryk presented at the last Cannes festival, the long-awaited Cinema Novo, a documentary about the movement that changed the face of Brazilian cinema. The screening of this film, in the opening night of the festival, will be the starting point for a journey through all his other documentaries in films that mark the history and the current reality of the Brazilian people. The filmmaker will be present in Porto.

Eryk Rocha is closely linked to cinema: he was born in 1978 during the filming of A Idade da Terra, directed by his father, Glauber Rocha. He lived in Colombia, but graduated from the well-known school of San Antonio de Los Baños in Cuba. In this context, Eryk directed Rocha que Voa (2002), his first feature film, made from long interviews recorded by Glauber Rocha in Havana in the early 70s, which were found in the archives of the Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematográficos.

Since then, Eryk Rocha already directed five documentaries, two short films and a feature film. His films deal mainly with cultural and sociological aspects of contemporary Brazil, always in poetic point of view. He addressed topics such as football (Campo de Jogo, 2015), presidential campaigns (Intervalo Clandestino, 2006), music (Jards, 2013) or the interior of the South American continent (Pachamama, 2009), searching the social and economic contrasts in today's world. It is a filmmaker whose work seeks to understand the Brazilian identity in the context of globalization.

The Focus Eryk Rocha will be a full retrospective of the filmmaker's work.

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