School Trip: Porto/Post/Doc at Escola Artística Soares dos Reis

by Porto/Post/Doc / 15 02 2017

School Trip, Porto/Post/Doc’s educational project, was created in 2014 with the objective of creating new audiences and educating for and through cinema. The scarcity of audiences in movie theaters in the city cinemas and the lack of pedagogical projects within this area were the reasons why we made this commitment and created initiatives that involve young people and stimulate cinephilia in younger generations.

Soares dos Reis Arts School, in particular the Audiovisual Communication Department, has been a privileged partner of the project since its inception, where we dynamized masterclasses with tutors from relevant artistic areas, articulated with the production of short films about the reality and histories of the Port. The students had the opportunity to work with tutors such as the directors Gabe Klinger, Pedro Flores, Pedro Neves and Aya Koretzky, the songwriter/performer Capicua, the lyricist Carlos Tê and the photographers André Cepeda and Inês d'Orey, among others.

During the first half of 2017, the fourth edition of this partnership takes place, which will be concluded in June, when the short films are presented. In February, two new sessions were held, Writing and Storytelling with Jorge Palinhos, writer, playwright and teacher, and Animation Cinema with Mónica Santos, director of the movie ‘Amélia e Duarte’. In addition to talking about their work, they talked to the students about the individual projects to be undertaken. In March, we returned to the school with masterclasses in Filmmaking with André Valentim Almeida, Photography with Carlos Lobo and, to conclude the tutorial phase, Editing, with Tomás Baltazar, in May.

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