"Porto/Post/Doc Authors" in Sundance, Rotterdam and Berlin

by Porto/Post/Doc / 20 01 2017

In the first three editions of Porto/Post/Doc, the festival exhibited several fundamental authors of contemporary cinema. These authors have pursued their careers. Now that 2017 has begun, several programs of the major film festivals of the first quarter of the year are also beginning to be known. In these festivals, some of these "Porto/Post/Doc authors" present new films. But also films that have been screened in the last edition of the festival are shown in these important windows.

At the festival of Sundance - the largest and most reputed festival to be held on American territory - two of these authors present new films. Matthew Heineman - who presented at Porto/Post/Doc Competition in 2015 the controversial Cartel Land - premieres City of Ghosts in the US Documentary Competition. The film is an international thriller that introduces to the new wars of the 21st Century: the war for ideas and visibility on the Internet, following the activities of the group "Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently", in its fight against ISIS. Still in Sundance, American filmmaker Matt Wolf presents his latest short film, Bayard & Me, which follows the memories of black activist Bayard Rustin through the eyes of his companion Walter Naegle. This film again uses archive images to preserve a memory, just as Wolf had already presented in Porto/Post/Doc 2014 with Teenage, a history of the concept of adolescence.

Matt Wolf will be also at Rotterdam Film Festival with the same film - Bayard & Me -, in the short film section with the theme "Black Rebels: Let Love Rule". But several films screened in Porto/Post/Doc 2016 will also be screened at the Dutch festival: Ascent, by Fiona Tan; Fonko, by Lars Lovén, Lamin Daniel Jadama and Göran Hugo Olsson; Gimme Danger, by Jim Jarmusch; Kékszakállú, by Gastón Solnicki; and Mimosas, by Oliver Laxe.

In the Forum section of the Berlinale, Albertina Carri will premiere Cuatreros. The filmmaker screened Los Rubios, in the Memoirs section of Porto/Post/Doc 2016; the duo Verena Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor will also premiere Somniloquies, after the retrospective held at our festival of the Sensory Ethnography Lab.


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