Cinema Novo 2021

by Porto/Post/Doc / 18 10 2021

The selected titles for the Cinema Novo by Canal180 Competition have been announced.

Aiming to discover young talents, the competition Cinema Novo gathers, annually, a group of short films made by Portuguese students or students from Portuguese higher education institutions, in a showcase of what is best done/made at film schools. This year’s selection incorporates 10 recently produced short films that aim at some of the paths and aesthetics explored by the next generation of national filmmakers. The competition is supported by Canal180, the sponsor of the prize.


· (In)Quietude, Ana S. Carvalho, Portugal, 2021, FIC, 15'
· A Incessante Conquista da Escuridão, João Pedro Soares, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 10'
· A Straight Story, João Garcia Neto, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 10'
· Amélia, Inês Costa, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 3'
· Barbas de Baleia, Mariana Bártolo, Alemanha, 2021, DOC, 11'
· Fruto do Vosso Ventre, Fábio Silva, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 20'
· Hysteria, Luísa Campino, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 10'
· Lugares de Ausência, Melanie Pereira, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 27'
· Musgo, Alexandra Guimarães, Gonçalo L. Almeida, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 16'
· Paralympia, Benjamim Gomes, David Arrepia, Diogo Pinto, Francisca Sá, Gonçalo Eugénio, Luísa Campino, Miguel Mesquita, Vasco Bäuerle, Portugal, 2021, DOC, 13'

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