"The Golden Temple" screening with the presence of the director

by Porto/Post/Doc / 29 10 2015

"The Golden Temple" was the October movie of "THERE'S CINEMA DOWNTOWN". The director Enrico Masi was present at Passos Manuel theatre and talked about the transformations that London suffered for the 2014 Olympic Games, the main subject of his documentary.

"There's Cinema Downtown" continues in November with the winner of last year's Porto / Post / Doc Film Festival. "Letters to Max" will be screened the 4th in Almeida Garrett Library at 17.15h. The session is part of the IRI - Imagens do Real Imaginado - Images of the Real Imagined. In 2012, filmmaker Eric Baudelaire sent a letter to the Republic of Abkhazia, thinking it would never reach its destination. But the answer came and the director started a correspondence with Maxim Gvinjia, at the time, foreign minister of a country that doesn’t exist: it was never recognized by the international community. The film debates issues of identity, but also how the complex international geopolitics impacts the daily lives of the inhabitants of that country.

On November 11st, the "There's Cinema Downtown" returns to Cinema Passos Manuel, 10 pm, with one more documentary. "Mourning Rock" is a film by Filippos Koutsaftis and shows us modern Eleusis, a small industrial town on the outskirts of Athens, that since prehistoric times has been associated with the Eleusinian mysteries related to the cycle of life, and assured that initiates hope and blessing before death. In this town they developed some of the largest Greek industries, with catastrophic consequences for the environment and for the sanctuary itself. This city, filmed for ten years after the pilgrim's perspective, it is a sacred place, a monument and a privileged spot to watch the outside world around us and inside of yourself.

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