School Trip: Porto/Post/Doc at Clermont-Ferrand

by Porto/Post/Doc / 16 02 2017

The School Trip education project is growing exponentially after three years of activity. The work with the Soares dos Reis Art School surprises us annually by the quality of the works produced by the students of the school, and because of this we multiplied the partnerships in the city. We promote the visit of students to our sessions throughout the year and in the festival, we constituted for the second consecutive year a Teenage Jury - composed of students from secondary schools in the city -, responsible for awarding one of the prizes of the festival, and since the last edition, we created the School Trip Competition, dedicated to documentaries by students of higher education, and School Trip Mini, composed of films and activities dedicated to children from 4 to 14 years.

In 2016, we concretised a new partnership with the Festival International du Court Métrage à Clermont-Ferrand and the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand, inviting a group of 10 students from the school to travel to Porto, where they made films about the city. Working on the concept of border, they spent 5 days between Foz, Vila Chã, Afurada, the Metro and Porto bridges. From this process, 6 short films have resulted that presented a different and innovative vision of the city, from an external perspective. The films premiered during the Festival International du Court Métrage à Clermont-Ferrand on 7 February in a session at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Clermont-Ferrand.

Produced films:

Foz, L’Embouchure, 3’40
Méghane Adam, Marion Labastide

Un Métro, Un Flash, 4’50
Arthur Bila

48 Seconds, 4’27
César Delebarre-Debay

Métropolitaines, 4’38
Thibault Deschatre

La Traversée, 4’50
Matteo Mereo

Littoral, 4’00
Céline Montaru

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