Porto/Post/Doc 2016 Poster

by Porto/Post/Doc / 22 11 2016

Studio Dobra is a graphic design studio based in Porto, coordinated by André Cruz and João Guedes. They are the main responsible for all the graphic design of Porto/Post/Doc 2016. The following text is their intentions note.

Group narcissism is huge. And the worst thing our collective narcissism is doing is the destruction of the planet. Together, we’re wiping out species after species after species, fuelled by consumerism, fuelled by our self-importance. Our narcissism may destroy us in the end. — Pat MacDonald

The challenge we found when designing a new poster for Porto/Post/Doc results from the attempt to build a documentary proposal. It is imposed as a sort of visual, graphic reflection on contemporary habits or behaviors. The poster for the third edition of the festival is the third in a series in which the phrase "Our stories are real" frames an image that is intended to be ironic, challenging, disturbing.

For 2016, we choose a photographic image through which, provocatively, a mirror shape is enunciated. The typographical framework focuses on an affectionate expression between a couple. The woman, despite the smile of apparent happiness, is visibly more committed to register the moment with a smartphone. Somehow, the act becomes more important in itself, than the moment that the act intends to portray. We were interested in exploring the parallel between self-fueled narcissistic hunger and documentary filmmaking, since there is a kind of on-line collective autobiographical track that is real but simultaneously fictionalized by an attempt by all of us to pretend to be spectacular, to live in a dystopian world of permanent happiness, not just normal people, sometimes unhappy, sometimes lonely, sometimes with wrinkles, sometimes with bad breath.

Studio Dobra

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