The ideas behind Porto/Post/Doc 2015 image by "Studio Dobra"

by Porto/Post/Doc / 23 11 2015

It’s the second year that Studio Dobra is responsible for Porto/Post/Doc’s image.

Founded in 2014 by André Cruz and João Guedes, Dobra is a design studio focused on graphic and communication. But, where did the ideas come from for this year’s image? Dobra explains: “The poster design for the 2nd edition of Porto/Post/Doc starts as a development of the 2014's image with the sprinter Ben Johnson crossing the line of the Seoul Olympics in 1988. The phrase "Our stories are real" works as a motto for an ironic reflection on what is reality.

ppdoc2015 web

The documentary film is moving increasingly to an area that is becoming blurred in the boundaries between reality and fiction. We feel that the combination of the motto with an image – intentionally revealing a period or historical moment – must cause a different reading from the expected.

For this edition, with Teenage as the dominant theme, we feel we needed to honour or reference a moment or a mood that is very adolescent. Therefore, we used a Honda XL250 where many learned to ride, the wheel in the air, long hair, bell-bottoms and speed. All this under the green fluoride frame designed by the motto that ironically tells us that the teenage illusion is, after all, the reality.

It’s a Pop a Wheelie festival.”


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