Porto/Post/Doc 2015 Promo

by Porto/Post/Doc / 15 11 2015

"I thought of getting together a number of different people (different ages, different heights, gender, etc.) in a place that could, in some way, symbolize a piece of the world. I wanted all to look to the same place, as if they were waiting for something that is approaching, that does not let them look away, and it causes them some tension and surprise. The idea was that it looks like the life is passing by in front of them (personal life, the life of others) and the world is unfolding before them, like a movie in which they are observers and participants. The audience in this case is also part of the action. The public can give rise to a movie, since documentaries are always based on this idea of real. At the same time, I always wanted to leave open what they were seeing, so that there could be different interpretations." this is how the director Pedro Neves, from the production company Red Desert, explains the promo of Porto/Post/Doc.

Promo Porto/Post/Doc 2015
Directed by: Pedro Neves
Director of Photography: Pedro Neves António Pedrosa www.antoniopedrosa.com
Music: João Ricardo, http://joaoricardo.org + http://editoradoporto.blogspot.pt
Production: Red Desert, www.reddesertfilms.com & Porto/Post/Doc
Post-production: Pedro Neves & Antonio Pedrosa

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