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The Porto/Post/Doc's 2020 edition has already been announced.
The big winner of the festival is Partida, the debut feature by the Brazilian Caco Ciocler that collects the Vicente Pinto Abreu Great Prize. In the field of directing, the Companhia das Culturas/ Pereira Monteiro Foundation Award, which highlights the best director of the International Competition among emerging authors, was given to André Guiomar, for the documentary Our Land, Our Altar. The SPAutores Award - Cinema Falado for best Portuguese language film of the whole programme was Ecstasy, by Moara Passoni. In the Transmission section, the film awarded by the jury was Niños Somos Todos de Sergi Camerón, while the Cinema Novo Award by Canal180, for best film in this competition was for Há Alguém na Terra by Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges and Maria Canela.
All films are available for rental at online.portopostdoc.com.


The winning films will return to the theatre next Thursday, December 3rd, at Passos Manuel.
Ecstasy, by Moara Passoni

Departure, by Caco Ciocler

There's Someone on Earth, by Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges, Maria Canela
Our Land, Our Altar, by André Guimar


For Best Film in International Competition
Value of 3,000 euros

DEPARTURE, by Caco Ciocler
"The fiction of a journey on the way to a destination as fictional as the journey itself has as its point of arrival the very processes of dialogue and awareness. "Departure" invents a way of thinking about how a film can be a forum for discussion and collective action".


For best director of the International Competition among emerging authors (≤36 years)
Artistic residency at the Company of Cultures

OUR LAND, OUR ALTAR, By André Guiomar
"For the film's commitment to accompany the joys, sorrows and struggles of a community in a continuous manner and over a long period of time. The director demonstrates all the persistence of this promising film. The next one is awaited".


For best Portuguese language film of the whole programme, except when marked
Value of 3,000 euros

ÊXTASE, by Moara Passoni
"The best film in the Spoken Film competition manifests, through a politics of the body that unfolds in a political body, the lived experience of a time that is simultaneously personal, collective, historical and socio-political. For summoning problems of intense topicality and articulating the critical potential of multiple artistic tools with the cinematographic image, this award is given to "Ecstasy" by Moara Passoni".


For best film from Transmission section, except when marked
Value of 1,000 euros

NIÑOS SOMOS TODOS, by Sergi Camerón
"The jury of the Transmission category decided to award the film "Niños Somos Todos" by Sergi Camerón for the excellent balance with which it mixes documentary cinema, travel recordings, musical experimentation and performance, with an empathic look on the other that provides many meetings and crossings. Also worthy of note is the subtlety with which he explores the protagonist's personal search for a reconciliation with his childhood and with the canonical conservatism of Flamenco, in the construction of a freer and more authorial artistic identity. The quality of musical editing and sound mixing, as well as the direction of photography were also valued".


For Best New Cinema Competition Film
Value of 500 euros, 2,000 euros in services at BLIT and 500 euros in services at Show Reel

THERE'S SOME ON EARTH, by Francisca Magalhães, Joana Tato Borges, Maria Canela
"Filmed with a poetic delicacy, where the image, through small gestures, assumes an important role in the density with which the themes transport us to another space and time. Accompanying the journey of this character that personifies a life cycle, in a local reality, with a full and universal cinematographic dimension".


Honourable Mention
JAMAIKA, by Alexander Sussman
"The jury also decided to award an honourable mention to the film "Jamaika" for the quality of the film project revealed in its making, editing and screenplay".

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