The best of the new Spanish cinema

by Porto/Post/Doc / 18 11 2020

Over the years, the festival has monitored the young directors of Spanish cinema, either through the Cinefiesta section, dedicated exclusively to Spanish cinema, or through the programming of other sections.

This year will be no different and therefore, with the support of AC/E - Acción Cultural Española, the festival presents four recently completed works: "Lúa Vermella", by Lois Patiño, film shown, among other festivals, at Viennale and Berlinale; "El Trabajo o A Quién Le Pertenece El Mundo", by Elisa Cepedal, a fundamental feature film about the struggle of a mining community; "Land Underwater" by Maddi Barber on the consequences of the construction of the Itoiz dam; and finally "Bendito Machine Saga" by Jossie Malis, a collection of animations exploring the conspicuous link between living creatures and technology.

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