Focus: Thom Andersen, the provocative filmmaker

by Porto/Post/Doc / 13 11 2015

One of the brightest US filmmakers, Thom Andersen, will be in focus in Porto/Post/Doc. We will have the opportunity to see the work of a filmmaker, whose filmic and pedagogical work, questions the relationship between cinema and reality.

Films as "Red Hollywood", and his latest feature film, "The Thoughts That Once We Had " will be screened in Porto. The film is kind of a glory of the movie buff, an ambition to see the world through these films. For this, Andersen writes at the end of his film, "To Those Who have nothing must be restored the cinema". Cinema is the  the weapon to the revolution and to the redepntion. Thom Andersen's work can be compared to that of an archaeologist, who rescues the images, giving them new meanings.

Thom Andersem will be in Porto.


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