Porto/Post/Doc returns between November 24 and December 2

by Porto/Post/Doc / 04 07 2018

Porto/Post/Doc is coming back. The fifth edition of the festival dedicated to the cinema of the real takes place between November 24 and December 2, returning to Porto Municipal Theater - Rivoli, Cinema Passos Manuel, Cinema Trindade, Planetário do Porto, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto and Escola das Artes - UCP.

The festival will present a complete retrospective of the work of António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro, featuring a restored and digitized version of a major work of Portuguese cinema: "Trás-os-Montes". Dedicated to the theme Fictions of the Real, the seminar Forum of the Real will also include a panel exclusively dedicated to the work of the duo of filmmakers. "Revisit Reis and Cordeiro". In this edition, the forum proposes a debate around the intersections between the fiction and documentary records. Port/Post/Doc will also host a workshop led by British researcher and director Laura Mulvey. With registration until the end of September, the three-day theoretical workshop (27, 28 and 29 November) will focus on gender issues in cinema, studied by Mulvey several years ago.

Along with programming, Porto/Post/Doc also presented the graphic identity for this edition, which will be based on the idea of ​​invasion. Not that which arises from the territorial occupation, in a logic of affirmation of power, but rather as an expression and reflection of a daily life made of paradoxes in which involuntarily, but also as a consequence of voluntary actions, you're invaded by images, clickbaits, by true news that you take as false, or false news that you consider as true. The graphic image of the festival is signed by Studio Dobra and intends to return another idea by the writer Victor Hugo: it is easier to resist the invasion of an army than to the invasion of an idea.

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