Between Heaven And Earth

Entre o Céu e a Terra · Between Heaven And Earth

Wilfried Jentzsch

2018, DEU, 11', M12

Planetário Screenings 2018

27 Nov 2018 · Planetarium of Porto · 14H00

27 Nov 2018 · Planetarium of Porto · 15H30

27 Nov 2018 · Planetarium of Porto · 17H00

A verse by the Chinese philosopher Laotse (from the Tao the King) was a source of inspiration. It is based on a cosmic idea, beginning with the words: The space between heaven and earth. The music is based on three basic materials: a Chinese cymbal, bird voice and medieval sacred vocals. These three materials come from different cultures, different eras and omnipresent nature. With the help of digital methods of sound synthesis, new sounds are created. The visual design is based on motion graphics. All images were generated with the help of certain algorithms in the computer. The design is based on particles, just as our cosmos is composed of tiny particles. The spherical shape of the Earth and the Sun form the visual center in which granulating sound and image clouds move in complex configurations of a virtual 3D space.