Porto/Post/Doc and ArtWorks promote an artistic residency in partnership

by Porto/Post/Doc / 29 03 2019

In 2019, Porto/Post/Doc joins ArtWorks in the programming of artistic residences No Entulho that take place in Póvoa de Varzim between April and December.

The second edition of the artistic residencies No Entulho aims to provide new situations, confrontation and collaboration, through the disciplinary crossing with other areas of artistic creation promoting shared residences between plastic artists and artists from other disciplines, namely literature, music and theater. Each residence includes a plastic artist, selected by Artworks, and an artist from another area, selected by an external entity related to one of the artistic areas mentioned, in cinema, Porto/Post/Doc festival.

This second cycle of residences will focus on the hypotheses and possibilities that can come from a physical space (workshop) and temporal (the two months of residence) shared by two artists of different media and sensitivities. There will be moments of encounter between all the parties involved, in order to foster a residency experience that is transversal to the different areas. In total, five residences will be held, which work will be revealed in a show at the end of each residence period.

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