Sonhámos Um País

Sonhámos Um País · Sonhámos Um País

Camilo de Sousa, Isabel Noronha

2019, PT, MZ, 70’, M12

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18 Jul 2020 · Passos Manuel · 19H00

In the early 70s, Camilo de Sousa left Lourenço Marques, Mozambique, travelled Europe, joined the Frelimo guerrilla and became a filmmaker. Now living in Portugal, he returns to Mozambique to be reunited with two former comrades in arms. With Aleixo Caindi and Julião Papalo, he recalls ancient times, when the joy of liberation made way for dark times and the quest for a ‘new man’ destroyed a country’s dreams and illusions.

A Story from Africa 
Billy Woodberry 
2019, Portugal, 33’