Montanha · Mountain

João Salaviza

2015, PT, 90'

Há Filmes na Baixa!

19 Jun 2018 · Passos Manuel · 21H30

Screening within the Porto Summer School on Cinematic Art (Católica.Porto)
Q&A and talk with João Salaviza andJoaquim Guilherme Blanc

It's summer in Lisbon. David, 14, was raised with his mother and grandfather. When the old gentleman becomes seriously ill and he is hospitalized, the mother decides to spend the nights there, waiting for the moment of the inevitable death. David refuses to enter the hospital or to face the possibility of the departure of the man who created him. The emptiness due to the lack of the grandfather and the mother obliges the boy to become the man of the house and to enter early in the adult age... First released at the Venice Film Festival, a film about the pains of growth that marks the debut of João Salaviza in the feature film after "Arena" (2009, Golden Palm in Cannes), "Cerro Negro" (2011) and Rafa (2012, Golden Bear in Berlin).