Terceiro Andar

Terceiro Andar · Terceiro Andar

Luciana Fina

2016, PT, 62, M6

Há Filmes na Baixa!

21 Jun 2017 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

Which language shall we use to tell the stories we have been told? 
In which language shall we write a declaration of love?

Lisbon, Bairro das Colónias, third floor. 
Fatumata and Aissato, the mother and the eldest daughter of a large family originally from Guinea-Bissau, discuss love and happiness. 
At 7pm, from the third to the fifth floor where I live, a regular sound, always the same, like the beating of a heart, reverberates through the building. 

The film invites the viewer to the space of the word and the dialogue between the mother and the daughter, and to the physical and acoustic setting of the building where this family and the filmmaker live. As a poem, a story, a letter and a prayer are spoken, words travel from one language to another, from one speaker and one voice to another, creating connections.