O Futebol

O Futebol · On Football

Sérgio Oksman

2015, ESP, 70', M12

Cinefiesta 2015 / Há Filmes na Baixa!

01 Dec 2015 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 18H30

27 Sep 2017 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

After a long separation, a father and son are reunited during the Football World Cup in Brazil, 2014. The son is a filmmaker and documents the shared time between both. But death appears and changes everything. “On Football” is not a clear and direct record of a few weeks of living together, but rather a thoroughly rewritten and reworked film, edited for months, which were necessary to meet with elegance and modesty so delicate materials like family and disease: a film without melodramatic effects, honest and noble and, therefore, very exciting. (Martin Pawley)


This film was screened, in Porto/Post/Doc 2015, with the following film:
Sol Mihi Semper Lucet · The Sun Always Shine Upon Me
Alvaro Fernández-Pulpeiro
2015, ESP, 16', M12