Olmo and the Seagull

Olmo e a Gaivota · Olmo and the Seagull

Petra Costa, Lea Glob

2014, DEN, BRA, PRT, 82', M12

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03 Jun 2016 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

Olmo and the Seagull is a poetic and existential immersion in the mind of an actress during the nine months of her pregnancy, when she confronts her inner demons while trying to come up with a new philosophy about life, identity, love. In the background of this hybrid film there is a growing tension between reality and what is staged when you stage your own life. Freely drawing from Mrs. Dalloway of Virginia Woolf, the filmmakers propose a "mise-en-scène" of actors' lives, constantly on the frontier between fiction and non-fiction.