Big Boys Gone Bananas!

Big Boys Gone Bananas! · Big Boys Gone Bananas!

Fredrik Gertten

2011, SWE, 90, M12

Há Filmes na Baixa!

06 May 2015 · Passos Manuel · 22H00

What does a big powerful food company capable to do in order to protect its brand? The Swedish director Fredrik Gertten definitely knows. His previous film BANANAS! (2009) is about the lawsuit that 12 workers of a Nicaraguan plantation filed against Dole Food Company, a food industry giant. BANANAS! was selected and then removed from the competition of the Los Angeles Film Festival, as Dole tried to bury the film. The director and the producers are involved on a judicial battle, documenting all the process in a very personal and precise manner, making the portrait of an unscrupulous and unceasing multinational.