Matar a un Hombre

Matar um Homem · To Kill a Man

Alejandro Fernández Almendras

2014, CHL, FRA, 82', M12

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22 Jun 2014 · Passos Manuel · 18H00

Jorge is a tranquil, middle-class family man whose neighborhood has become overrun by a fringe class of street thugs. His comparatively fortunate existence makes him the target of their intimidation one night, and a hulking outlaw robs him of his insulin needle. Jorge's teenage son boldly tries to stand up for his father, which only serves to unleash the bully's terrorizing reign of threats upon the family. Jorge and his wife, Martha, seek protection from the legal system but are subjected to civic drones and bureaucratic procedure, so they remain vulnerable. As Jorge's family suffers from fear and humiliating anguish, the situation paints him as a deficient patriarch-until he's cornered into defending what's his.