Porto/Post/Doc presents a retrospective of films by Audrius Stonys

by Porto/Post/Doc / 13 06 2019

Porto/Post/Doc is coming back from 23 November to 1 December 2019. The festival presents a retrospective of the Lithuanian director Audrius Stonys within an edition devoted to reflect upon identities.

In 2019, Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli and Cinema Passos Manuel will once again host Porto/Post/Doc, the film festival of the real, that will take place between 23 November and 1 December in Porto.

The festival will present a retrospective of the Lithuanian director Audrius Stonys, award-winning documentary filmmaker that has directed hybrid and essayistic works such as "Earth of the Blind" (1992) or "Uku Kai" (2006), two of the seven films to be screened. The director will be present at the festival to comment the sessions of this retrospective, promoted in partnership with the Lithuanian Film Center. In addition, the festival also programmed a carte blanche of Stonys from the work of his compatriot, Jonas Mekas, who has recently died.

The 2019 edition of Porto/Post/Doc is supported by Câmara Municipal do Porto Porto City Council, Instituto do Cinema e Audiovisual (ICA) - Ministério da Cultura, CVRVV - Vinho Verde and several other partners.

Films to be screened

"Atverti Duris Ateinančiam (Open The Doors To Him Who Comes)", Audrius Stonys; 1989
"Baltijos Kelias (Baltic Way)"; Audrius Stonys, Arūnas Matelis; 1990
"Neregių Žemė (Earth Of The Blind)"; Audrius Stonys; 1992
"Antigravitation"; Audrius Stonys; 1995
"Viena (Alone)"; Audrius Stonys; 2001
"Uku Ukai"; Audrius Stonys; 2006
"Woman And The Glacier"; Audrius Stonys; 2016

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