Competition at Porto/Post/Doc 2016

by Lídia Queirós / 12 11 2016

The Porto/Post/Doc Competition is composed by thirteen films, which can be viewed in this page.

If, in the first two editions of Porto/Post/Doc, the programme was directed towards an exponential hybridism between reality and fiction, this year the frontiers were definitely overflowed, not only in what we can categorize as technical aspects of the cinematographic work, but, especially, as far as their creative processes are concerned.

It is enough to look with some attention at the contemporary authorial cinema to understand the growing need to demand the abolition of cinematographic genres, increasingly archaic and distant from the realities of production. Language barriers were overthrown with globalization (as well as the unique productions of one country), and technical developments allowed anyone to dare to create a cinematographic work. At the same time, the economic constraints, which also felt a bit throughout the world, contributed greatly to the current paradigm: doing more with less. An increasingly creative and exploratory cinema, following its troubled path, as a mirror of its author.

The inherent heterogeneity of this phenomenon is present in this selection of thirteen films, from various themes and geographies (from Japan, Argentina, North Korea or Morocco): there is cinema without moving images, cinema done with distance and by hand of unknowns, cinema of stories created by the protagonists, cinema about the time before the action. These are films that we do not want to label, but which we know we want to show, because each of them has a cinematic idea. And all of them are true.

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