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Working Class Heroes

Porto/Post/Doc: Film & Media Festival created “Working Class Heroes” project, which has Filmaporto - Film Commission as a partner, with the aim of supporting audiovisual production in Porto and about Porto, inspired by the stories of those who, over time, have been building the city.

This is a creative grant of €20,000, which is implemented through the invitation to emerging filmmakers who have a line of work that coincides with the festival’s philosophy. Through this support, we hope to create a creative space that listens to all those who have lived and worked (and live and work) in the city. Hence, it is an incentive to listen to the anti-heroes who made Porto a city where the multiple faces of the working class are reflected.

This project aims, on the one hand, to make possible the development and production of new cinematographic works and, on the other hand, for these works to create a set of films that bring the voices of filmmakers closer to the local territory and our community. And that this approach takes place through the portrait of the Porto community, from different points of view, year after year. Portraits of passions, work paths, injustices and achievements that weave the relational mesh of a place.

In each Festival’s edition, three filmmakers will be invited to pitch before an international jury and the selected project will be produced during a 2-year artistic residency in the city of Porto. This is a project that aims to give an opportunity to filmmakers who want to delve into the popular history of a city that still lacks human and profound portraits.

The final work will be a film (fiction, animation, documentary or experimental) that will later have its premiere at the festival.

Participation in this project is by invitation only, but the public pitching of the projects will take place during the festival. This can be an opportunity for the invited filmmakers to meet producers and other industry professionals, as this creative grant is cumulative with other national and international funds.

Sérgio Gomes | Executive Producer & Head of Industry

Liliana S. Lasprilla | Project Manager & Industry Coordinator