Conversa com Diogo 'Gazela' Carvalho

Conversa com Diogo 'Gazela' Carvalho · Talk with Diogo 'Gazela' Carvalho

2020, , 90'

180 Media Academy 2020

25 Nov 2020 · Online · 16H30

Diogo Carvalho is a filmmaker, photographer and illustrator. It was when he was living in France that he found his artistic vision and way of thinking, but it is the Linha de Sintra, a Lisbon suburb where Diogo lived with his family, that influences his work. 

Upon his decision to return to Portugal to show it’s not just abroad that you can make it, he has been working in audiovisual projects and has created Unidigraz (more than artistic, a visionary and inverted collective) with musician Tristany and fine artist Onun Trigueiros.