Pés na Terra

Pés na Terra · Feet on the Earth

Yumma Mudra, Gabriela Gonçalves

2019, , 120', M3

School Trip Workshops 2019

30 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, 5th Floor · 11H00

Playful meeting that explores the rhythms of the body from the relationship with the Earth. This dance workshop aims to enhance the individual presence of each participant by invoking their poetic intuition. Each of the participants will express their personal bond with planet Earth and, from everyone's contributions, a community ritual will be created and carried out through words, melodies and movements. Aimed at families.

Price: 7 euro / children (O6), accompanied by an adult

The inscriptions must be submitted until November 28, Thursday, to the email projetoeducativo@portopostdoc.com, with the following data: workshop's title, children's data (name and birthday) and adult's data (name, e-mail and telephone number).

Tickets can be acquired at Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli.