Sensitivity as Bread

Sensitivity as Bread · Sensitivity as Bread

Edmundas Zubavičius

1979, LT, 10', M12

Audrius Stonys Focus 2019

25 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 18H30

The focus of attention in one of the earliest films by a highly prolific documentary director Edmundas Zubavičius is a veterinary clinic in Kaunas; the observation of its daily routine reveals the longing for human sympathy as if yearning for a prayer. Quite a sophisticated relation between the visual and the sound is outweighed by the junctions of poetic film language and realistic shots. They invite to contemplate the relationship between nature and man.

This film is part of the programd "Landscapes of Forbidden Memory", curated by Audrius Stonys.

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