No Foe Can Scare Us

No Foe Can Scare Us · No Foe Can Scare Us

Edmundas Zubavicius

1978, LT, 11', M12

Audrius Stonys Focus 2019

25 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 18H30

In the feuilleton of a director Zubavičius, we observe the absurd reality; it unfolds in the practice of reacting to an imitated nuclear attack of “an enemy behind the border”. The characters of the film are the inhabitants of a small village in Samogitia. They are participating in civil protection exercises and preparing for a civil defence competition. However, although the danger of a new war has been escalated and the civil protection exercises have been organized regularly, apparently no one has taken the danger seriously for a long time now.

This film is part of the program "Landscapes of Forbidden Memory", curated by Audrius Stonys.

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