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Open The Doors To Him Who Comes · Open The Doors To Him Who Comes

Audrius Stonys

1989, LT, 10', M12

Audrius Stonys Focus 2019

26 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 16H30

The meditative landscape of a Lithuanian village filled with silent prayer. Tree crowns, church roots, and a rural homestead offer a silent sanctuary that withstands the pressures of the totalitarian regime. Stonys foreshadowed his cinematic liturgy of ordinariness with his directorial debut.

The Baltic Way
Audrius Stonys, Arūnas Matelis 
1990, Lithuania, 10’ 
Earth Of The Blind
Audrius Stonys 
1992, Lithuania, 25'
Audrius Stonys 
1995, Lithuania, 20’ 
Audrius Stonys 
2001, Lithuania, 16’