Sie ist der andere Blick

She is The Other Gaze · She is The Other Gaze

Christiana Perschon

2018, AT, 88', M12

Identities 2019

30 Nov 2019 · TM Rivoli, Pequeno Auditório · 16H30

"The machismo here was vehement". Any of the artists could have made this statement: Renate Bertlmann, Linda Christanell, Lore Heuermann, Karin Mack, or Margot Pilz. What unites the women, part of the Viennese art scene in the 70s, is the memory of an era of humiliating paternalism. Perschon lets these women tell their stories of male ignorance and the related invisibility. When the artists talk about sexual assault, helplessness in the face of patriarchal structures in society and the family, being defined by their role as mothers, and a lack of autonomy, the old rage still flashes through at times.