Carte Blanche Festival de Sevilha 2018

he Seville European Film Festival is the main stage for independent European cinema in Spain. One of the festival's trademarks is its support for the most original independent Spanish filmmakers such as Albert Serra, Oliver Laxe, Lois Patiño, Natalia Marín, Eloy Enciso and Ion de Sosa, among others. El Futuro, by Luis López Carrasco, is a perfect example of the spirit of SEFF. Shot in 16 mm and staged at a party in 1982 on the eve of the election that would give an absolute majority to the socialist leader Felipe González, the film offers a lucid and audacious analysis of the past to reflect on the fragility of democracy and stability in contemporary Spain.

This carte blanche is financed by the Programa de la sociedad estatal Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) para la Internacionalización de la Cultura Española (PICE).